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Certified Scrum Professional - Product Owner

Are you an Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO) looking to advance your skills and become a true master of Agile product ownership? Look no further! We are delighted to present our Certified Scrum Professional - Product Owner (CSP-PO) course, designed to empower experienced Product Owners like you to excel in complex Agile environments.



Course Highlights:

1. Advanced Product Ownership Mastery: This course is tailored to take your product ownership mastery to new heights. Explore advanced concepts, techniques, and strategies to elevate your effectiveness as a Product Owner. Gain the knowledge and skills to navigate complex challenges and drive exceptional product outcomes.


2. Advanced Agile Product Discovery: Dive deep into advanced product discovery techniques, user research, customer validation, and market analysis. Learn how to identify and validate customer needs, prioritize features, and create compelling product visions that drive success in dynamic and competitive markets.


3. Scaling Agile Product Ownership: Gain insights into scaling Agile product ownership across multiple teams and departments. Learn strategies to align product visions, manage interdependencies, and foster collaboration across the organization. Discover how to effectively coordinate and prioritize product backlogs in a scaled Agile environment.


4. Advanced Stakeholder Management: Enhance your stakeholder management skills to effectively engage and collaborate with stakeholders at all levels. Learn techniques for managing conflicting priorities, influencing decision-making, and building strong relationships to ensure successful product outcomes.


5. Agile Metrics and Product Analytics: Explore advanced agile metrics and product analytics techniques to measure product success, track customer satisfaction, and make data-driven decisions. Learn how to leverage metrics to optimize product performance, drive continuous improvement, and deliver value that exceeds customer expectations.


6. Product Leadership and Visionary Thinking: Develop your product leadership skills to inspire and guide cross-functional teams, stakeholders, and executives. Learn how to create a compelling product vision, establish a culture of innovation, and drive organizational alignment to deliver game-changing products.


7. Continuous Learning and Growth: Connect with a community of experienced Product Owners and Agile professionals. Share insights, exchange ideas, and continue your professional growth through ongoing support, networking events, and access to exclusive resources to stay ahead in the evolving Agile landscape.


8. CSP-PO Certification: Upon completing the course, you'll be eligible to apply for the Certified Scrum Professional - Product Owner (CSP-PO) certification. This globally recognized certification validates your advanced Agile product ownership skills and distinguishes you as a highly skilled Product Owner.


Elevate your Product Ownership mastery and become a Certified Scrum Professional - Product Owner! Join our Certified Scrum Professional - Product Owner Course and unlock the full potential of your role.

26–27 September 2024
09:00 17:00
Iain McKenna
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Early bird
Until 29 August 2024