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Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner

Are you a Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) seeking to amplify your product management skills and tackle complex challenges in Agile environments? Look no further! We are excited to present our advanced-level Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO) course, designed to empower experienced Product Owners like you to excel in dynamic and demanding Agile landscapes.



Course Highlights:

1. Experienced Agile Experts: Our course is led by seasoned Agile Coaches and Certified Scrum Trainers (CSTs) who possess extensive industry experience. Learn from their advanced knowledge, practical insights, and best practices to take your Agile product ownership skills to new heights.


2. Advanced Product Ownership Strategies: Dive deep into advanced product ownership strategies, including product visioning, product roadmap development, managing dependencies, and aligning product strategy with business objectives. Gain the tools and techniques to navigate complex product landscapes with confidence.


3. Agile Product Discovery and Validation: Discover advanced techniques for user research, persona development, user story mapping, and prototyping. Learn how to validate assumptions, gather customer feedback, and make data-driven product decisions. Refine your skills in creating products that truly meet customer needs and drive market success.


4. Scaling Agile Product Ownership: Explore strategies for scaling Agile product ownership in large organizations. Learn how to collaborate with multiple teams, align product visions, manage interdependencies, and foster a culture of product excellence across the enterprise. Navigate the complexities of scaling Agile effectively.


5. Product Leadership and Influence: Develop your leadership and influencing skills to inspire and guide cross-functional teams, stakeholders, and executives. Learn how to create a compelling product vision, establish trust, and effectively communicate the value of your product to gain support and drive success.


6. Advanced Agile Metrics and Reporting: Gain insights into advanced agile metrics and reporting techniques to measure product success, track progress, and make data-driven decisions. Learn how to use metrics to drive continuous improvement, optimize product performance, and deliver exceptional value to customers.


7. Collaboration and Negotiation Excellence: Enhance your collaboration and negotiation skills to effectively work with stakeholders, development teams, and external partners. Learn techniques to build strong relationships, manage conflicts, and navigate competing priorities to deliver successful products in complex environments.


8. Continuous Learning and Growth: Connect with a community of experienced Product Owners and Agile practitioners. Expand your professional network, share insights, and continue your growth through ongoing support, learning events, and access to exclusive resources to stay ahead in the evolving Agile landscape.


9. Ongoing Support: We believe in providing continuous support on your Agile journey. Beyond the course, you'll have access to resources, coaching, and mentoring to help you apply your learnings in real-world scenarios and overcome challenges.


Elevate your Agile product ownership skills and become an Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner! Join our Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner Course and unlock the full potential of your role.

25–26 July 2024
09:00 17:00
Iain McKenna
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